Monday, July 2, 2012

More Donated Underwear

I need ya’ll’s help, ladies.
        Tiffany, who blogs over at Mrs. Pate Writes, is asking bloggers to partner with her and “hold” a bra drive to “support” Free the Girls.  I am going to do everything I can to help “uplift” her mission. 
        Free the Girls in a nonprofit organization that has discovered a way to help women rescued out of slavery start a business.  They collect used bras and distribute them to women who have been set free!  Once these ladies sell the bras, they use the money to feed their families, go to school and re-invest in more inventory. This model allows the new entrepreneur to run a self supporting business.  Please visit Free the Girls and learn more. 
        One of my very first blog posts was about a bra collection opportunity hosted once a year by Soma Intimates.  I know it was difficult for all ya’ll Charleston girls to participate because we don’t have a Soma here in town.  Well, guess what.  We have an opportunity to participate in a bra drive here locally in town.  A bra drive hosted by ME!  Any gently used bra is fair game: nursing bras, sports bra, pre-pregnancy bras, during pregnancy bras, post pregnancy bras.  I am working on some exciting ways to collect as many bras a possible.  I will let you know as soon as I have all the details for the FUN worked out.  But for now, please go through your drawers and clean out all the bras you can.  I want you and your donation to be ready when the fun strikes. 
mrspatebradrive P.S. If you are not local here in Charleston and still want to help, email me at abbie.unger(at) gmail(dot)com and I will give you my address.  Please send one dollar with every bra. (A buck and a bra.)  Your bras will be processed and forwarded to Free the Girls.  Or link up with Mrs. Pate Writes and hold your own bra drive


  1. thank you for your example of helping others.

    1. I'm excited to partner with such a great organization, Free the Girls.