Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Panera, Shortbread and a Happy Life

My writing critique group meets Monday evenings at Panera Bread.  With its coffee house feel and big food menu it is perfect for little meetings.  In fact every week our little group is surrounded by Bible study groups and coffee dates. 
A few weeks ago I was the lucky winner of a giveaway hosted by Cassie over at Two in Diapers.  I won a Panera Bread gift card!  With our tight budget, gift cards are almost life changing for me.  I don’t take little surprises like this lightly or count them as “luck.”  They are little gifts from the Lord.  Like He was thinking about me and picked up a gift card for me to use on Monday nights.
Another thing I love about Panera Bread is their “MyPanera” program.  Just register the free key chain card online and have the cashier swipe it with every order.  Freebies and discounts will be automatically loaded onto your card.  No more forgotten coupon.  No more disappointment in the check out line.
Last night I had a hot English Breakfast tea and a (free) Shortbread cookie.  In honor of the Olympics, I felt very European.  These little blessings, little moments of peace, make a happy life.  But only if they are savored.       


  1. Crit group was really good last night! Thanks for everything! =)

  2. Love me some Panera...a little slice of relaxation in the middle of a work day.

  3. aww i really loved this.. you're right, it was a gift from the Lord. i think of these things in the same way. its not a coincidence. God new exactly what you needed. he is so faithful =) i am your newest follower, girl.. nice to meet you!!

  4. Thank you so much! Nice to meet you, too!