Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Have I No Shame?

Please buy my book.

Here are some reasons you should buy a copy of my book today:
       1)     Everybody loves a stewardess
       2)     It’s short
       3)     It’s cheap
       4)      It’s full of stories about my dreams coming true
       5)     You’re curious about the life of flight attendants
       6)     You think you’re too old to fly (spoiler alert: you’re not)
       7)     You love me and I love you!
       8)     You want to support a new author, a small business and buy local
       9)     You have someone in your life who wants to become a flight attendant
       10)You want your flight attendant dreams to become a reality

Here’s the link to buy my book.  Just click on the picture of the cover:

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