Wednesday, October 30, 2013

5 Reasons to Take a River Cruise with Scenic Cruises

In case you couldn’t tell from my past life as a flight attendant, I love to travel.  I recently discovered this magically brilliant idea:
 European River Cruise from Scenic Cruises.
 I know.
Mind blown, right?
All the greatness of a cruise paired with all the history and excitement of a European holiday. As I was researching this amazing bit of vacation genius I was overwhelmed with reasons why I would love to take one of these vacations. I was sold when I saw the words European River and Cruise together in the title, but Jason doesn’t always see the big picture right away.  He sometimes takes a little persuading but he always comes around.
So dear husband, here are the top five reasons we have to go on a River Cruise with Scenic Cruises:
   1)      Lots to See.
 My bucket list is full of destinations I'm dying to visit. A river cruise would give me the opportunity to tour, experience and fall in love with several cities. But only unpack once. One of my favorite things about cruising is you plan one vacation, but you get to visit several places.  It’s like one stop shopping for all your vacation needs.
   2)      It’s All Included.
We are budgeters around here.  This doesn’t mean we don’t spend money or enjoy life, but we do these things on purpose and with a plan. The fact that everything is included on a river cruise is fantastic for budgeters. No need to budget for the trip, the food, the entertainment, the taxes and the transportation.  It’s all included!  From local food and wine with a fridge in every room that’s stocked daily to airport transfers and excursions, it’s all included.
  3)      Size Matters.
I’m pretty comfortable in small spaces.  Once you’ve tried to put on a pair of pantyhose in an airplane lavatory, the term “small” becomes relative. That being said, Scenic Cruises operates the largest ships in the industry.  (They even call them “space-ship!”) Even though they are bigger they hold fewer passengers. This way everyone has plenty of breathing room.
    4)     A Really Cool GPS Thing
Scenic Cruises are the only ones to provide a Scenic Tailormade device which is programmed with over 100 sightseeing tours. These little babies will be a vacation saver for us because I like to explore and Jason is more of an “on the beaten path” kind of guy.
   5)      You’ve Lost that Loving Feeling.
Mama and Daddy need to getaway. Alone. By ourselves. Having two babies in less than two years can do a number on a marriage.  We are stronger as a team and our partnership is solid, but teamwork isn’t really that romantic.  I think we are ready to rekindle the flame and a river cruise is the place to do it. It just sounds romantic, doesn’t it? (Maybe we’ll name number three "Souvenir".)
Still not convinced?  Check out this post from JohnnyJet for 12 more reasons.

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