Monday, August 4, 2014

Value in Stillness

Your mercies are new every morning
Your cool breeze blows and my face is cooled.
My stress is melted.
My peace is restored.
The branches and leaves sway and move as an act
Of obedience to Your prompting, Lord.
I follow their lead.
I bend and I sway
I move and I stand in stillness
According to the wind You provide.
If the winds of change come,
I will dance and delight in the movement they bring.
But if the stillness settles
Heavy and thick
I will rejoice in the consistent.
I will rejoice in the quiet.
I will find comfort in remaining.
Teach me not to make my own wind.
Teach me to settle in.
Show me the beauty in sameness.
The value in stillness.

I love adventure, unpredictable schedule and the possibility of surprise. New places and new people.

New ventures and new possibilities.

This is just how I’m wired and I know I lean this way for reason, but that doesn’t mean I should fly through life by the seat of my pant, being blown this way and that by my own desires or by the wind of opportunity.

I need to stay inside my comfort zone, just like people who love consistency need to push beyond their comfort zone.

Let wisdom, not whimsy, guide your steps.


  1. oooooh i love that last part, let wisdom not whimsy determine my steps.... man that is a powerful prayer! you have a beautiful way with words :)

  2. Thank you so much...thank you for the kind words and the comment....

  3. Michelle D. Johnson GarrettAugust 10, 2014 at 1:07 PM

    I attended Columbia's Fashion Week this year for the first time - I'm definitely adding my hometown to my must-do list for next year. Thanks for sharing!