Tuesday, June 12, 2012

My Humble Opinion About Creflo Dollar

Creflo Dollar is a prominent pastor in Atlanta.  This past weekend, after he caught his fifteen year old daughter sneaking out of the house, she called the police and he was charged with choking and hitting her.  He denies these allegations. 
I want to share with you my heart for my parents.  I want them to be successful.  I want them to drive nice cars.  I want them to live in a house that makes them feel as if they could open their doors and invite anyone in.  I want them to be paid a good wage for their hard work.  I want their children to “rise up and call them blessed.”  I want them to be given the benefit of the doubt.  I want this for my parents.  I want this for all pastors.  I want this for Creflo Dollar. 
First of all, in the spirit of full disclosure, I want you to be clear I was not in Atlanta Saturday night so I really have no idea what happened.  This being said, I still want to give my opinion.  When I read the report about the altercation between Pastor Dollar and his fifteen year old daughter, my first thought was it sounded kind of like a customer complaint letter that went a little like this:
 Dear Airline,
           On a recent flight, I was very disappointed in the customer service.  Not only was the stewardess not much to look at, I didn’t receive any of the amenities I was expecting.  There were no: pillows, blankets, meals, peanuts, soda, water, coffee, magazines, newspapers, or playing cards.  I realize air travel has changed in the last twenty years or so but it wasn’t so much what the stewardess didn’t do, but the way she treated me that causes me to write this letter.  As I was deplaning, the stewardess ripped my purse out of my hands, threw it three rows and screamed in my face.  I was so surprised at her strange behavior, I of course froze.  Using some sort of wrestling move, she swept my feet out from under me and pushed me out the door.  This time she yelled something like, “Get away from my plane!”   
I will never fly you again unless you are the cheapest on Orbitz.
Can you believe this passenger was treated this way?  That flight attendant is in the wrong profession for sure.  Unless…What if during takeoff the plane catches on fire, the Captain orders an evacuation and the flight attendant saves hundreds of lives?  The funny thing about this letter is although all the facts are accurate, the complete story is not told.  What would you do to protect your minor child?  Would you do anything to keep them safe?
I don’t know what happened at the Dollar house, but sometimes we as people like to see the successful fall and fail.  I am praying for the entire Dollar family and I am leaving the judging to the Judge. 

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