Friday, July 27, 2012

Ok…Here’s the Number

232 bras!!!!!!!!
Ladies night was an amazing success!  Thank you for donating bras.  Thank you for coming out to Midtown and making the event so much fun.  Thank you for the donations.  Thank you for praying.
I loved meeting so many new women and sharing in the excitement surrounding Free the Girls.  I’m excited to watch this movement spread and grow. 
Ladies Night Fun

Mrs. Pate and I giving away door prizes

Hope in a bucket
Me and Tiffany

Chad and me


  1. Abbie - you did an outstanding job pulling this event together! I'm so glad that we came out to support you and Free the Girls! What a blessing it is to support such an awesome organization! We had so much fun and loved our sursie bags! :) I think I took the prize in our group for most delish cupcake! Love you!!

  2. Thank you Lori,
    I loved having so many West girls there. It meant a lot to me.

  3. So exciting! Great Job Abbie and Tiffany!