Thursday, September 13, 2012

Welcome, Autumn

I love fall the best.  Now, I know the area of the country I live in misses out on a lot of the pomp and circumstance that makes autumn so spectacular.  No leaves changing into fiery reds and oranges.  No crispness in the air.  No early morning frost on the pumpkins.  Just more green Palmetto trees and humidity.    
Over the last couple weeks I have noticed fall rolling into town in its own subtle, Lowcountry way.  Labor Day has come and gone.  School buses are running.  The temperature has plummeted well into the 80’s.  Belks is proudly displaying the latest collection of boots.  I ate a lot of candy corn Monday. 
For me, the thing that brings that snuggly feeling of fall home more than anything else is scented candles.  Last week I lit my Pumpkin Pie candle for the first time.  It wasn’t long before the house smelled like Thanksgiving and I wanted a sweater and a mug of cider.
I worked a Yankee Candle and I love them.  I know, I know, they are expensive, BUT they are good.  When it comes to candles, you get what you pay for. (Although I haven’t paid full price for a Yankee Candle in years.  They have great sales.)  Lately I’ve been tempted by PartyLite Candles.  I’ve been doing research online and I’ve found a lot of positive feedback.     
What do you think?  Yankee vs. PartyLite?  Have you been to a PartyLite party?  Do you know someone who sells PartyLite?  I would love to get some opinions from y’all.
I hope it’s fall where you are.  But if it’s not just turn down the AC, light a warm candle and drink something from a mug.  I bet you’ll feel snuggly before you know it.        


  1. Hi Abbie! I don't know about Fall scents but PartyLite has my favorite scent of all time (grape) and the parties can be amazingly fun. I found this online ( It would probably be awkward with someone you don't know but maybe a name will ring a bell.
    P.S. CONGRATULATIONS!!! Can't wait to meet our new family member :)
    Love to you all!

  2. Thanks for the comment, Tamara. Now I know what to get you as a wedding present.....
    Congratulations to y'all, too.