Monday, October 8, 2012

Big Boy Ty

Baby Ty is becoming big boy Ty fast.  Too fast.  Every time I complain about not having a baby to swaddle or nurse throughout the day (we still nurse first thing in the morning), Jason is quick to remind me I won’t be sad for long.
“Come March, you’ll be nursing all day again.”
It’s hard to get the inflection right on a blog, but he doesn’t say this with encouragement, but more of a “you are one crazy lady” tone of voice.  And I know what he means.
But back to Ty.  I have been amazed at how soon children become people.  Complete with personalities and opinions.  His twelve month check-up went great.  He is in the 1.3% for height and weight.  (So no football, I hope.)  He loves to laugh and cracks himself up.  He loves to talk, too, but he is still working on speaking English. 
 Ty dances all the time.  To the radio. To commercials.  To my singing.  He gets this from his Daddy and I think he’s going to be musical as he grows up.  Jason was a percussionist in high school.  (This really means he played a drum in the band.)  Last week he learned to clap and he is so proud of the sound he can make with his hands. 


  1. I just love, love, love this sweet boy!! <3 what a blessing he is - and y'all too as his parents....What wonderful parents you are!! Back to cracks me up with his vibrant personality!! :) So grateful to get to see him grow through these stages! Love y'all and can't wait to meet baby#2!!

  2. Thank you! We do feel blessed to be his parents. And Ty loves to see Miss Lori!