Friday, February 8, 2013

Love, Commitment and Responsibility

I know people fall in and out of love.  Commitment holds together a marriage.  Commitment keeps families together.  Some days, Daddies come home and Mommies don’t leave only because of the promise they made.  Love can be so flighty and fickle.  Love can hide and  love can die.
Jason and I decided to get married before we fell in love.  We had a ring and a date because we knew we were supposed to be together forever, not because we were in love.  Weird, huh?  Our commitment has never been about love.  I love him deeply now.  I love him more every day.   
Jason and I have a big responsibly when it comes to love.  We have the responsibility to keep on loving each other.  To not only stay committed, but to love each other and to love each other well.  
For our children:  Ty needs to see us in a healthy marriage.  See us laugh at each other.  See us support each other.  And even see us disagree.  I want him to know love has many faces.  Love has many moods.  But most of all I want him to know it can be constant even in its ever changing nature.
For us: It’s hard to believe, but one day it will be just us again.  My babies will grow up and leave me.  Jason and I will again be alone and I want to look at him, at our marriage, and see more than a commitment.  I want to see LOVE.     

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