Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Things I'm Loving Two Days Before Valentine's

1)    My Pedicure
My last one before baby number two makes her arrival.  I know it’s kinda silly to feel like a pedicure is so important but I haven’t been feeling very girly/pretty/special lately and shiny red toes make such a difference.
2)   Being pregnant
To be honest, I added this to my list in the spirit of “fake it till you make it.”  I have good pregnancies.  I really do and I’m thankful to even be pregnant, but I have been feeling UG-LY.  Feeling the baby move around is comforting and I try to remember she will be in my belly for such a short time.   Another positive:  not having to worry if my stomach looks fat in clothes.  No muffin top and I have really tight abs. 
3)   A New Book
Yesterday I stumbled upon a really funny, really wonderful book in Barnes and Noble.  The Christian Mama’s Guide to Having a Baby.  I was having a gloomy day and this funny, real-life advice book was such a pick me up.  Erin has three more books coming out soon with advice for Christian Mamas from pregnancy to sending your little one off to school.  (Stay tuned…there may be a book giveaway on my blog soon!)
4)   The Newest Daddy Blogger on the Block
A few weeks ago, while Jason was sitting in first-class (Ty and I were in coach, just in case you were wondering) he jotted down a few thoughts about being a daddy.  As these thoughts turned into sentences and paragraphs, he started to feel encouraged.  Maybe these thoughts would be encouraging to others.  30,000 Ft and Thinking was born. 
(P.S.  I didn’t mind being in coach.  I’ve had a lot of opportunities to fly first class as a flight attendant, and NOBODY wants a baby in first.)
5) A Tommy Mommy Giveaway
I get to give a Valentine’s Day library of six children’s books to one of my lovely followers.  Check out this post for more information. 

And….Thomas Nelson is sharing a little LOVE with everyone.  Visit  www.thomasnelson.com/love and enter the promo code LOVE to save 30%!


  1. Wow. thanks for the shout out. And, look at that cute pregnant belly!

  2. No problem, Erin. And thanks for the compliment!!!! My belly is getting bigger by the minute.