Friday, March 8, 2013

Glade Expressions® Collection Product Review

One of my favorite things is fragrance.  I love scented candles, car-fresheners, plug-ins and all things smelly.  A few weeks ago, I was given the opportunity to review two products from Glade.  Free smelly stuff is a very good day for me.
I was asked to try the Fragrance Mist and the Oil Diffuser.  I don’t use sprays or diffusers very often, so I was curious to try these out and see how they would fit into my collection. 
Overall, I was happy with both the spray and the diffuser.  I tried the spray in Starlit Evening which is part of the spring collection.  It’s not a fragrance I would normally choose, but I liked it.  I enjoy having the flexibility to spray it when I wanted and not have Starlit Evening as a constant companion in my house.  The oil diffuser was easy to use, much easier than reed diffusers, but the actual product felt a little cheap.  I tried the Pineapple Mangosteen scent.  The original plan was to use this in the nursery.  It’s small, spill proof, flameless and doesn’t require electricity.  The “small-ness” tricked me.  This thing is too strong for a small room and a closed door.  I moved it to the bathroom that’s right outside the nursery and our bedroom and at the top of the stairs.  It’s been perfect there.  I can smell it in all three rooms without it over powering little noses. 
I don’t know if I’ll replace the spray once it’s gone, but I’m planning on purchasing refills for the oil diffuser.  I like that it’s just set and forget.  And the price is nice.  
I have coupons for both the spray and diffuser to giveaway.  Leave me a comment if you would like a set of coupons.
I was given two complimentary products to review through the BzzAgent program.  All opinions are mine.

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