Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Our Baby has a Name

Ty’s name came so easily.  Jason wanted to name his son “Ty” since he was in high school.  (I know, kinda weird for a teenage boy to pick out baby names.)  But I felt like Ty wasn’t a “real” name and came up with a compromise:  Thomas O’Neil Unger.  Thomas is after my grandfather and O’Neil is Jason’s dad’s middle name.  So a nice strong, family, Biblical name with a cute nickname.  Perfect. 
This baby girl name didn’t come so easily. We went back and forth between a couple of names we liked, but it was really hard to settle on one.  Once we decided, I was uncomfortable about sharing it right away.  It felt so delicate I didn’t want to give anyone the opportunity to give their opinion and tarnish our choice.
But it’s time to announce:
Emily Grace Burke Unger
will be joining our family very soon.
Every Emily I’ve ever know has been sweet.  I’ve known two.  The first was in the fifth grade.  I had never known a girl who was so sweet and gentle without being shy.  She was quick to smile and funny.  The second Emily I met as an adult.  We worked together and again, one of the kindest girls I’ve ever known.  She was open and generous and funny.  She’s never had her hair cut.  During meetings she would take her hair, which reached well past her knees, down and let us admire and basically pet it.  Such a good sport.
Emily Grace is her first name.  Jason loves double first names.  I went back and forth about the Grace, but then I realized I could use all the grace I could get in my life.  I’m not good at giving others grace and in return, I don’t receive it well.  I’m looking forward to having this little Grace bundle change me.  
Burke is Jason’s Grandma’s maiden name. They have a really special relationship and we wanted to honor her.  I have my Grandmama’s maiden name (Hester) as my middle name and I love this tradition.   
So I hope you like it.  (But if you don’t, I don’t want to know.)


  1. It's a beautiful name! And we all "could use all the grace [we] could