Wednesday, June 19, 2013

{it would be} Nice to Meet You, Mr. Ramsey

In our house, Dave Ramsey is a rock star. He has reached hero status. We read his books and listen to his radio show. The name of this blog, The Envelope Keeper, is based on his envelope system for budgeting and spending money. Jason and I work together to make our spending plan work, but I'm The Envelope Keeper.
There is a definite (one-sided) bromance going on between Jason and Dave.
As you can imagine, the chance to maybe meet Dave has caused quite a stir at the Unger house. Let me back up and start at the beginning.  A local radio station here in Charleston is giving away the most amazing prize.  Two tickets to the Total Money Makeover Live event in Greenville and 2 nights in a hotel and a meet and greet with the man himself! Everyday I answered a Dave Ramsey trivia question to enter.
I’m a finalist for the grand prize.
Thursday evening I’ll be playing “Lowcountry Monopoly” and *hopefully* going home with the most amazing of all prizes.
Keep your fingers crossed.  

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