Friday, June 28, 2013

When I'm Debt Free: The Grocery List

On the long road to freedom from debt, it’s good to dream. 
 It’s good to remember the future will be different.  The future will be better.  The future will be full of freedom.  

Lately the thought, “When I’m debt free, I’ll be able to buy_____,” has been running through my mind. A lot. The blank can be filled with a million different things... travel destinations, brands of clothes, things for the house, my own back-stage pass to meet Dave Ramsey so I don’t have to worry about stupid contests.  (Not that I’m bitter or anything.)  
Last night, my mind wandered to the grocery list.  Once I started to dream about debt freedom at the supermarket, the list keep growing.

The “when I’m debt free” list for the grocery store:

1) Strawberry jelly because Jason likes it better, even though grape is cheaper.
2)  Hormel Chili with beans.  That’s right. Brand name, canned chili made the list.
3) Lunch meat from the deli, sliced while I wait.
4) Organic fruits and vegetables. Maybe even a pre-cut pineapple.
5) The packets of Splenda with fiber already added.  
6) Capers.  Just because I like them and they seem like a fancy thing to have in the fridge.
What will you add to your grocery list?


  1. Oh man I hear you! I would love to go to the grocery story and just shop, not stick to my list (also on the "snowball ramsey" plan here)

    I'd love for you to share this with my Cozy Reading Spot - it's open right now!

    hope to see you there


  2. Hey Marissa, thanks for stopping by...good luck with your snowball!