Monday, March 31, 2014

Headed in the Right Direction: 10 Days into My BeachBody Challege

I started my challenge about 10 days ago!!!!

Okay, so I know ten days is not a long time and ten days is only the beginning of a journey that will take months, but I am still going to proudly say:

"I've been sticking to the plan for 10 days!"

Have I been perfect?
Have I done as well as I could have, as well as others have done or as well as you would do?
Probably not.
But that's okay because today I'm farther down the road than I was ten days ago.

Y’all know I love to travel.
I love the trip just as much as I love the destination.
I believe getting there can be fun, but only if you have a plan, a backup plan and a back up, backup plan. (If you've ever flown standby, you know what I mean.) And you must lower your expectations.
Setting your expectations too high can leave you with a disappointment that lasts even after you've safely reached your destination. The high standards you place on yourself or those around you, steal the sweetness from the taste of victory.

My journey is one towards health and happiness. Traveling is better when you are not on the journey alone.  If your travel companion has traveled the path before, even better. My coach, Rebekah has been down this road before and because of that, I can trust her and focus on doing the things I need to do.

I'm trying to take the lessons I've learned from my years as a flight attendant and apply them to this BeachBody journey.

I have a plan and a backup plan.
I know where I want to go and what I need to do to get there,
but I also know that some things are out if my control.

It boils down to direction. If you are headed in the right direction, you will eventually reach your destination. The length of the journey is determined by how well you pay attention, how well you follow instructions and how many storms you are forced to weather along the way.

I'm enjoying the trip and happy to be ten days closer to my destination.

PS I'm really enjoying Shaun T's Hip Hop Abs.  Stay tuned for the full review!

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